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What's with this guy?


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Hi everyone,


So I've been broken up with my ex for a little over 2 months now, and I finally feel ready to get out there and date.


About 3 weeks ago I started spending time with one of my co-workers. At first I didn't feel anything for him. We went out to lunch a few times and he seemed like really nice guy. Eventually we got flirty with each other and I really started liking him.


A while ago we ended up watching a movie together. We had a really good time together. He kissed me and went home. After that, he didn't call for almost a week! He finally contacted me as if nothing had happened and asked me to help him with something for work. I did and invited him out with my friends and I. He came and we had a wonderful time! My friends liked him. He even called afterwards to tell me he had a great time with me and thanked me for inviting him. Then guess what? He doesn't call again, it's been 4 days!


When we're together, he's very touchy-feely. I thought it was kind of strange but I didn't mind, I really liked him.


So I dated my last boyfriend for 4 years. I'm very much out of practice and I'm VERY BAD at reading men. What is this guys deal? We have a great time and then he doesn't call for a week. We go out again, he gets all touchy with me like I'm his girlfriend and doesn't call me again. Is he playing games with me? If so, why???


Guys out there, I would really appreciate your input. Should I just forget about him? Why is he playing this game with me? We're in our mid twenties and I'm really not into these games.

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you've been hanging out for 3 weeks? what do you want to be married by now?


i'm seeing a new girl right now. i'm taking this one slow because i really like her. yes, we have done everything and we are starting to get closer now. i'm not trying to be her bf immediately. i'm enjoying her company and getting to know her more instead. i could see us becoming exclusive though. i'm just not rushing it.

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