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Giving a Body Massage

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Hey I don't really know where to post this so I'm going to post it in here.


Okay I've been talking to this girl for awhile and we've been hanging out a couple times. She often talks about how she's sore from work and that she could use a massage. Well the one day I suggested to her that I could give her one. I told her how in the past I use to give my ex's a massage which was true but I don't really know if I was any good. They said I was but they were probably just being nice.


I like this girl a lot and I really want to give her a nice body massage so she'll like me I know how to set the mood for a massage, get scented candles, play soothing music and use massage oil, preferably one she likes.


So my question I guess is do any of you know where I can find some good information on giving a good body massage? I don't care if I'm not the best I just don't want to be bad lol. Also if any of you could suggest some good soothing music to play during the massage that would be great thanks for your help.

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You could probably google it, I'm sure they have alot of videos on YouTube to show you. I think it's great that you want to give her a good massage, I gave my boyfriend a massage once and he said I made him sore and I hurt him alot. It sort of made me feel bad, so you should def. look up information about it.

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the meaning. i know i give different types of massages for different types of uhm, rewards.


lol gotcha.

um. just look on youtube, I guess? unless you can put off your offer for a massage for a few months while you finish a course

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