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Super ticklish male


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Kind of embarrassing question.


I am super turned on by the though of having a girl lick all sorts of places below the belt when giving me a beej. My problem is that I usually jerk away. I'm super ticklish. I've tried very hard to control it. girls find it very hard to go down on me.


having her mouth actually on my penis is fine. but when she licks or touches my my thighs, in the cracks, or behind my balls I go nuts. I try and relax. I relax all my muscles and really force the tension away and it doesn't work at all.


plagued me for years. anyone else have any similar experiences or cures?

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I think a lot of people are ticklish in the 'erogenous' zones when they are touched there without a build up. Maybe it helps if the girl would give you a body massage before going down to business? Maybe the licking can start more in more 'northern' places, like your neck or your belly(button)? Just some ideas.

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Yeah, as fantastic as a "beej" may be, for me the only time I can ever actually get chills and feel the need to jerk away is when my girlfriend kisses my neck and my ears. Don't understand it, but it drives me nuts. My only advice would be to just do everything you can to relax your muscles. It's something I'm working on too. If you're feeling more relaxed, her being in those spots may be more pleasurable instead of some knee-jerk reaction.

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Ive had similar problems, well not exactly. Im really ticklish too, but not everywhere.

im not sure if this will help, but as weird as it is to say, its not that hard to be tense when you're getting a beej. Try to relax. take a few deep breaths "through your abdomen", instead of lifting your chest. There's a whole other issue that got me to a point where i know all kinds of ways to chill myself out.


point is, if you're really ticklish, you can lower the chances of it being too much to handle by being relaxed. Im at a point now, where i actually like being tickled. whereas before i hated it, since i'd start to spasm.


Hope this helps.



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