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Seeing a new girl. A little bit of confusion, or maybe just jitters. A little long, sorry.


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So I just started seeing this girl at work. We have always gotten along well enough, and we have some things in common.


Problem is, is that our schedules don't jive very well, but we are making due as best as we can. I want to get to know this girl better, and see if we can deepen our connection, but things are kinda difficult. She has a child, which understandably takes a lot of her focus and time of course.


Last night, she came to work (it was her night off,) and she visited with a friend for a few minutes, and I took lunch with her. We just went to Burger Fling, she wasn't hungry, but the dining area was closed, so we just sat in the car. We had no real issue maintaining a conversation, but I was nervous and struggled a little, and I think she was nervous too.


Now here is my confusion, keeping in mind what I just wrote.

We got closer, and held hands, then she leaned over in my lap, and it was real pleasant just kind of caressing each other in silence. But then we started kissing, and the petting got a bit heavier, and that's when I found one of her "spots;" her ears as it were.


We both got pretty riled up, and stupid me, I started to follow my impulse to touch her more intimately but I held back thankfully.


It was a nice feeling, and she liked it too, telling me that I was driving her effing crazy by our little session.


I'm just worried about how easily this is coming along physically between us. Does anyone see this as bad? Or am I doing something wrong? I am trying to go slow by not asking to meet her boy, staying away from his b-day party today so I won't cause any confusion if the father shows up. This is all just very strange. Or maybe I am over analyzing this, and forgot what it was like to feel this way after being in a one-sided relationship for almost 7 years.

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I don't see a problem here.

All you need to do is ask her out one evening and go from there.

I wouldn't ask to meet her kid until she brings it up. You need to get to know each other first.

The fact that she has a kid means the child will come first and she will not be as available as childless women but that is a good thing because you are forced to go slower than you normally would.

Good luck, you two sound like you have chemistry and get a long well and thats a brilliant start

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It's not bad, it's actually great. it could get strange, that's true. To prevent that, make sure to keep your thing between the two of you.

So if you want to move things forward, I'd say go ahead but under no circumstances tell anyone about it. I think that's really, really important.


Anyway, any update on your situation so far?

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