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Six Pounds Down


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I used to be thin. Then I took a Desk Job. Now I'm a fatass who hates how I look. I feel like my body isn't even my body anymore... like I'm wearing someone else's skin (and blubber.) My SO and I don't have sex as often. He never came right out and said it, but I'm sure it's because he doesn't find me that attractive, and I don't blame him. I get treated differently out in public now. I only own one pair of jeans that fit me. ANd I only have a few outfits that I can wear to work. But I have a drawer full of jeans that don't fit, and office clothes that don't fit.


Recently him and I started getting up really early in the morning to walk the dog before work. And this alone has caused me to lose 6 pounds.


Now, I've tried everything... believe me. I tried low carb. I tried six small meals a day and actually gained five pounds. I go out and walk during my breaks at work, never saw any results from that... I would come home and walk the dog after work, nothing. It amazes me how just changing the time of day that I do something has worked.


I took a pair of jeans that I out fatted in January and hung them up on my bedroom wall. I figured they could be my inspiration to get out of bed at 5:30 AM and walk the dog. And once I fit into thoose, I'll hang an even smaller pair up on the wall.


So... yea.

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I can relate on this issue. I used to be thin and gorgeous (with big boobs too!)...but instead of an office job, I got a boyfriend who loved me for me and we both got fat together. We've been broken up for 2 years now and, well, here I am, in all my overweight glory. It freaking sucks. I feel so bad about myself.


I REALLY like the hanging a pair of jeans on the wall idea though!!!


And good for you for starting to walk in the mornings. I wish you luck on fitting into your skinny jeans again.

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^ Thank you for commenting.


I weighed myself again last night. Now it's EIGHT POUNDs DOWN!!!


The jeans I hung on the wall still don't fit though. They will, give it time...


Last night a girl I know told me to do Yoga. Sje said "That's how I stay thin." She weighs about 90 pounds and is 4"11'. Last night I saw her eating chips, a big sub from Quiznos, and two Butterfinger bars. Not to call her a liar or anything, but I highly doubt the Yoga is what's keeping her thin. She is probably blessed with high matabolism.


The more results I see, the more motivated I get.

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I tried on the pair of jeans I hung on the wall today. Last time I tried them on I couldn't get them buttoned or zipped. Now I can get them buttoned and zipped but they are still too tight to wear.


I was bad yesterday. My sister took me to Starbucks and I had a large Iced Mocha. I didn't finish it though... I gave some of it to my man when I got home.


My brother and sister in law are in town. Tonight we are going over to see them and they are ordering Pizza from the best place in town. I mean, this is an old fashioned Italian Pizza place where everything is made from scratch and people come from really far away just to eat there. So tonight I am indulging. But it's not that often I eat like this.


This morning I measured myself... A little smaller then last time.


Bust 44

Waist 38

Hips 48

Arms 15

Thighs 28

Neck 15


Last time my waist was 39 and my hips were 50. I don't remember the rest of the numbers.

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