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telling the truth


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id like to know why,and im sure men do it to,but when a break up happens,and its you being dumped,its important to know(for me it is)the reasons and what and why and who and where and when and what is the major cause of the break up.it always seems if the person isnt giving you but just a little bit to feed on as to why,that it takes on many different scenarios,thus driving you nuts trying to figure it all out.why cant people be truthful?my question to the ladys that have dumped men before and have never given them the straight truth as to why,excluding sparing their feelings,as they are all ready heartbroken,what reasons did you have for not coming clean???to keep them hanging on?? cruelty?to keep them as back up if the new guy didnt work,uncertain,etc etc etc......please help with this mind boggeling question,it would be greatly appreciated......thanks

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