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NuvaRing experiences?


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I know one of my good friends uses it and has recommended it to me. I think after this period scare (negative test result, but period is still missing, assuming nothing), I am going to start on some sort of birth control. The pills seem impractical for my life. I want an IUD but that will have to wait until I have more money and I am out of school.


What do people think of the NuvaRing? I'm thinking about going to PP and getting on this.


Also do you think it is silly to ask that my BF help pay for half of the expenses? I mean I won't ask him to help pay for my pap smear but I mean the birth control. He is after all having sex with me and it should be a joined expense since he isn't being the sweetheart and paying for dinner or anything. It's pretty much been a relationship where we keep things "fair."

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I was on NuvaRing. Same side effects (weight gain, lack of sex drive, etc) you will feel on the pill if you are predisposed to it. If not, you may love it. Don't be so focused on cost; an IUD is pricier up front but LASTS like 5+ years! Your NuvaRings will be more expensive in the long run. Research getting an IUD through clinics if possible.


And if you can get him to pay for half, more power to ya. But make sure you can carry on with your method of choice if he's ever out of the picture, because (be aware) asking him to pay half isn't typically DONE. It's just not something you'll be able to assume you can negotiate with anyone else after him.

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I will be out of school by January. I plan on getting the IUD then. I really only have like $1,300 right now. Plus, they may not let me get it but I will talk to them about that option. I also may ask my BF to help pay for the IUD but will pay him back at a later date. I wouldn't expect him to help pay for that except to help me out in the short term. I'm going to talk to him about it! It's much cheaper than dealing with a kid, that's for sure!

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Hi! I have been on NuvaRing for a year now. I had problems with the regular old pill (spotting and stuff) and NuvaRing is great. I haven't had weight gain, I don't have as bad of mood swings, and after being on it for a while, my periods have considerably lightened. I used to have a full 8 days of fairly heavy bleeding, and now I'm down to 3 days of spotting. Besides shorter, easier periods (which is such a plus), I've only noticed one negative. During the day, I have more discharge then usual and it's of a heavier and thicker consistency. It's not really a big deal though. And I'm not dried out when I have sex either, which regular pills did.



Though it is worth noting that some women notice and increase of yeast infections when on this birth control.

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My sister is on Nuvaring. Only thing I will say about her and it is that one time I found hers in the shower - so make sure it doesn't fall out.


My cousin got pregnant on the Nuvaring (oops) and according to her mother (yes, we had this conversation!), she knows several other women who have gotten pregnant on it too. This is just anecdotal - it should be as effective as other BC.


I would definitely get it if it weren't significantly more expensive than the pill.


I would not ask your boyfriend to split costs for your birth control. Especially for the IUD since it lasts 5 years, and just purely statistically, the chances that you and he will still be together then are quite low. I don't know ... it just seems that this is your show and you should take responsibility for it. If he offers, you might take him up on it, but if I were you I wouldn't ask.

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The problem is: I have no money! Looking back on it, I think my aunt has blood clots in her legs so I think IUD is my only option. The copper ones not the hormonal one. But yeah...on top of a car payment and minimum wage...not much money. I am currently working 30 hours a week but in 4 more weeks that is going to be cut down to 8 hours a week.


I think this was the main reason that I decided to stick with condoms. ](*,) I don't think I'm medically fit for hormonal birth control and the IUD is not within my budget.


But my thing is...if my BF is willing to have sex with me, he better well pay for some of the expenses. It's not like he pays for dates. #-oThough, while I pay for my end of the things with a full gyn exam, and he pays for some STD tests...I don't think it is that inconsiderate to help pay for something that IS going to cost me a lot of money. Though, I think I would end up giving him most the money back once I get a full-time job in January.


But then again maybe I should continue to risk it with condoms until I do graduate and move on. Maybe I should postpone the gyn exams until I graduate because of my pathetic mother who refuses to let me see a doctor. .. completely ignoring the fact that I could very well have a problem since I have pretty insane irregular periods. But what does she care...she has always not cared about my health. 10 years to get her to take me too the dermatologist because she thought the eczema that covered my torso would one day disappear. Oh, and the insurance company has told me like 3 times I need to get at least a pap smear done and she throws the letters away. Or what about the time that I couldn't move and was lying in bed with the flu? I had an exam that day and I was sick and throwing up and she told me to take some pain medication and go take my exam. I ended up having to drag her to the car to take me to the minor emergency center because i was throwing up and had an insane temperature. Doctor's told me I had the flu. I had to have a doctor's note for my flu to get out of the exam...I would have had to show up and take the exam feeling like crap had I not bickered at my mom for an hour about needing to go to the minor emergency center. Yes, she complained about the costs of the visit.


I'm sorry if I am irritable...my mom has failed at letting me take care of my health.

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I use a clinic similar to Planned Parenthood, and the Nuvaring is only $15 per ring. I've been on it for close to a year now, and also noticed that my periods are considerably lighter and shorter. At first it freaked me out, I thought I was preggers or sick, but now I'm used to it. You sound really bitter... but it is the girl's responsibility to pay for bc. It's just the way it works. For me it's always been, the guy pays for condoms and lube, etc.. and the girl pays for her method of bc.


My suggestion- talk to your doc and find what's best for you. Also, talk with your boyfriend and let him know that you would like things to be "his treat" sometimes. My bf and I used to split everything when we went out too, and it got on my nerves after awhile. Now it's really nice when he offers to foot the bill every so often, and I like to treat him to dinner, etc... too.

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cichlid- do you have insurance? I recently got my IUD at planned parenthood and all it cost me was the $15 copay. The whole thing ended up being about $2000, but my insurance covered it all. Maybe you could look and see whether your insurance (if you have it) will cover it. I figure, $15 for something that's going to last me 10 years is not such a bad thing!


This is assuming you're in the US, of course.

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I think I will stick with condoms for now. I can't afford much of anything. My dad is pestering me to pay off the car by the end of the year ($3,500), I have to buy a suit for interviews (~$400). I still would have to get a full gyno exam done. Never had one and my mom won't budge on the issue. I'm irritated that she doesn't take my health seriously and discourages me from getting appointments made and bickering about insurance.


Plus, I don't see us having much sex this semester anyway. He will be busy with MBA classes who will work him dead. And I will be working on getting a full-time job.


Anyway, thanks for all your help to sum it up...


  • I've never been to the gyno ever.
  • There's no way around my mom to let me get this done.
  • I don't have enough money for an IUD...I'm below being poor.
  • I had forgotten about my aunt's blood clots in her legs. I don't want to get on hormones.

I'm stuck back at condoms. You all think it is so easy to get on birth control. It would have been cheap and easy if it wasn't for crappy legistlation that forgot to include college students in getting discount prices on BC.


so for those that missed that...I'm sticking with using just condoms.


I'm going to try to get a gyno exam done in the next few months and I will work from there.


ETA: Yes, I have Aetna (NAP) but that doesn't mean they will do anything for me. I have a limited range of people that I can see.

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I understand the hereditary risk factors, and why you don't want to go with hormonal. I think that's smart of you to take that into account. Have you ever thought about using a barrier method (diaphragm, sponge, etc... or using your usual condoms with a spermicide as well? That may be something to consider. Make sure to get an exam done soon. In a lot of places, it's free.

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Your mom shouldn't even have to know you've gotten anything done. You're 22 (an adult). Do you have your own insurance card? I have Aetna too and I know you can log into the account and get a card sent to you, but as far as I know, everyone should have their own card.


I also know that when I made my appointment at PP, they called up Aetna for me and looked at how much and whether they would cover it for me.


Anyway, it seems like you've made up your mind about what you're going to do. Good luck to you.

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It doesn't seem right that everything would be quiet and hush-hush with insurance. I mean we receive statements all the time after everything from dentists appointments to eye exams. I'm not willing to risk anything by going behind my parent's back with insurance. I am poor. I bet this is how my first nephew popped up!

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It doesn't seem right that everything would be quiet and hush-hush with insurance. I mean we receive statements all the time after everything from dentists appointments to eye exams. I'm not willing to risk anything by going behind my parent's back with insurance. I am poor. I bet this is how my first nephew popped up!


We don't receive paper statements, but I know my nosy mom looks at what my family has gotten done online. She actually called me after she saw the $2000 claim from PP. She thought I'd had an abortion! I told her about the IUD and although I wasn't sleeping with anyone at the time, I told her that I was protecting her from becoming a grandmother in the future. She was quite relieved and told me to use condoms too...blah, blah, blah. I got the full lecture.


It sounds like you don't have quite as open of a relationship with your mom. I think it's actually pretty rude of insurance companies to have the information there so blatantly. Not everyone wants their family to know what's going on with their health. I know I'd rather they didn't.


I mean, maybe you could get home before she does and take the statements. What do you think would happen if she found out? I just don't think it's worth paying out of pocket for something you could probably get so cheaply. I don't really have any further advice for you.

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I have a couple of suggestions that could make you less poor. Sell the expensive new car, get a decent car that you can afford on your own, and don't spend hundreds of dollars on a suit. There's no need for $400 suits, ever.



...my car was only $11,500 to begin with! I got a great deal on it! I'm not selling my car to get something that is "cheaper." I looked into getting something that was used. People get rid of cars for a reason and I am not willing to pick up the maintenance cost of someone's car that was abused.


Cheap suits look...CHEAP. I'm sorry but I would be embarrassed walking into an international company wearing anything of poor quality.

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dragon lady, as a Catholic my mom is against birth control methods. Thanks anyway for all your help. I just think that getting on any sort of BC is beyond my finances when I step back and look at my options.


This thread is worthless now. I'm going to ask that it be closed.

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