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I'm healed! (look CLABS!!!!)

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Well i was a mess for a long while


Moved from Aus to London, worked for 7 months then decided to travel Europe......Had the best time of my life......Still on the move now.......


Anyway i met a girl in the greek islands, we hit it off.....and for the first time i feel i can like someone again....She's lovely and i really like her.....


Haven't felt this good for a long time, we clicked and i feel really confortable around her....I feel like ive known her longer than i really do.....


Anyway most people on this forum dont come back when there better...But i felt i owe it to this forum...


So yeah, thats all really......


Your time will come, mine finally did

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Hey fella!


Nice to hear from you and so glad you are doing so well - kudos mate.


It is great that you have taken the time to come back on here and share your success.


Take care of yourself mate and I hope everything works out good for you!



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No worries mate! I have been nowhere - been layed up with a fractured disc so the last thing I need is a 10 hour plane ride! It is still on my list tho - looks mental!


At the rate I am going it'll be new year for me too so if you make it you can buy me a beer!



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