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What's up with the guys/girls who dont stop and think about how their actions affect their partner? I mean what the hell?



I only talked to my girlfriend for a lousy 10 minutes yesterday...


afterwords... she texted me saying her sister wanted to hang-out and we'd talk the next day..



Okay.. fine.. whatever...


The next morning I call her, we talk for 5 minutes then she says she has to go clean something... What the hell!

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Have you told her that you would like to talk longer? And if you did was it a demand or a request? Did you phrase it as what you want rather than her being a bad girlfriend because she wasn't doing what you wanted.


And are your telephone conversations interesting to her - does she get to talk about stuff she wants to talk about as well as you?

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Im an open guy, I tell her how I feel towards stuff...


I mean, we talk sometimes for 40 minutes and on...but recently we haven't talked as much... largely due to the fact that when I IM her or something, it takes 5-8 minutes to reply where as before she was all into the conversations.


Whatever, im over it

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Well how often do you talk to her? See her in person? You know sometimes people need some time to recharge by being alone or by being around other people. I once had a boyfriend that would call me twice a day and talk for over an hour each time. He would get pissed because I didn't have things to talk about...


Um it's kind of hard to find new things to talk about when you're around a person 24/7.


But then...

What if your girlfriend is really stressed right now? Have you asked her if everything is alright? Before you assume she's blowing you off, find out what's bothering her.

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