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What to say first?


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So there's a girl that works at a local restaurant here in town that I would love to go on a date with. She's very pretty and nice. She always says hi to me when my family and I go out to eat. She always talks to my stepdad and picks at him when we are in there. She is on my facebook friend list. She recently broke up with her boyfriend and I would love to get a date with this girl.


I know she's out of my league probably, but I was just thinking of sending her a message on facebook. I'm just lost on what I would say. All we've ever really said to each other was "hi" back and forth. I also don't want to seem "desperate" or whatever. What are some good suggestions? I don't really like asking girls out in front of my parents, but I may would have to end up doing that. Suggestions?

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I think you should be direct and ask her out. If she's cute and works at a restaurant she probably gets asked out thousands of times so she's used to it. You need to find out what she likes to do and then say that you are doing the same thing, how about she join you?

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If you can get over there without the parents I think that would work out much better. It would be kinda weird to put her on the spot like that in front of your family.


Some people might disagree but I think warming things up on the internet would be a fine way of doing it. Facebook is an easy in and the only reason I'd avoid it is if you think she wouldn't like it.

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