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Its my first time....what do i do??


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Welcome to this forum! It's a great one and you will get tons of great advice!


OK, how old are you two and how long have you been dating? And what are your plans for birth control?


Sorry to be so blunt but to me, as someone who has been there and done that, those are the important questions...

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Yes, practice makes perfect. But what if the OP is 13? Sorry to give the old fart opinion here, but I believe that sex is inappropriate for children. It's a sad shame to me that the age trends for sex continue to spiral downward. Teenage pregnancies...uggh. Wrecks so much potential. For both parties involved. Not to mention the burdens on the families.


Sorry, but that's why I asked the age in my previous post...

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This is a giant decision to make.

Here's a list of things to go over and take them seriously. You don't realize how much sex effects you and your relationship/life until after you've already done it.

-Your age and maturity, and his as well

-The strength of your relationship without sexual stuff

-Whether or not you REALLY love this person, this should be special

-Any previous sexual partners and the possibility of STD's (family history to, you can get HIV from your own mother)

-Birth control, condoms, etc.

-A plan incase of pregnancy (fully thought out)

-How this will effect you and him, your family and friends if they find out


And as for being "bad." If this is the first time for both of you, you will learn what's "good" from each other and bad will define itself. But remember, chemistry between two people can't be bought.

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