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have no idea about dating


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hi.im a bit stuck on my future at the moment.


i was in a long-distance relationship and broke up with my girlfriend due to the distance.she was the first girl i ever had and it was a rather different experience to one of a normal relationship.


although i learned alot from that relationship and have since healed and got over the pain,i realised that i didnt know how to go about finding someone else.i basically have no knowledge of flirting or dating etc.my relationship was of talking down a phone and being with someone on rare occasions.


could anyone give me some pointers certain things that need to be addressed in terms of finding someone to date.by the way..i do have loads of female friends and id like to get acquainted with them.would this help?

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usually good relationships start with people who were friends first. a lot of people have problems trying to figure out how to find new people to date. do you kind of like any of your friends? that could be some where to start. just get to know your friends better & see if any thing starts from that. do you go to school? is there any girl that you think you would like to get to know, or at work. im sure that you see girls mostly every where you go, so if you see someone you are interested in, just get to know them. you don't neccessarily have to go out looking for a girl to date, just live your life & you will just come accross a girl that you like.

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