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Ugghh..why a year later

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Would definitely like some input on this. There was this girl whom a year and half ago wound up leading me on, doing some flakey stuff. She did for like six months till I got the "friends" talk.


I realized what I did wrong, and obviously tried to move on. Wanted to do the mature thing and remain friends. We share a group of friends. Eventually she started dating some other guy. I still feel like she was leading me on during that period.


I cannot tell what it was like to be out with our friends and see her and this guy all over each other. She continued to invite me out with him etc. Although I would reply when she would text me, I never went. Eventually she stopped asking. I've since found out this guy cheated on her.


So I didn't really hear from her directly for a year. My birthday occurred july 10th and she sent a text i didn't reply to. Later that day she sent me message on facebook asking me if i gotten the text. I then just gave a brief reply.


So again today, like a week and half later I get another message on facebook. I didn't even read it, but I want some advice on whats going on and what I should do.


Thx in advance

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It's hard to say what she is doing. She may want to be friends, she my be testing the water. The one thing you know for certain is that last time she led you on. You were there for her ego booster... I certainly think that she may just want that again.


So what did her other message say?

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I agree with isilv3r. This girl is just checking in. You can keep it light, and be her friend, or you can tell her to please leave you alone. If I were in your shoes, I think I'd not cut her off completely. She obviously still thinks about you enough to remember your birthday. I say, why burn that bridge?

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Yes-history shows that she is the type that would love for you to remain in her back-pocket. An ego-boost, and possibly, a Plan-B. But then again...


How could you possibly know unless you go there and test the waters yourself, this time with the knowledge from experience in your own back-pocket?


I would see what there is to see, with a certain reservation and cautiousness about the whole thing.

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The message was something like "Hope your having a great summer, been way too long, we should meet up...", lol, however she essentially sent me the same thing about a week and a half ago.


Don't worry, its not like I have grandois illusions about her suddenly wanting me back. I was very naive back when this happened and I couldn't fathom how someone would screw with me. The thing is, is that she had no idea how much hurt she put me though. Luckily I took the high road and did nothing, karma is a * * * * * as she found out.


I'm gonna proceed with caution, and just reply with a "thanks, hope your summer is going well"

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I think I may be the only female to respond...


She's testing the waters... she wants to know if you're still interested... same interpretation any female would take if an ex contacted them with a "how are you, how's the new job going?" That was not a year later, but 4 days...


When it happened to me, I responded with a loving, kind, "open door to come back" email... and was "slapped" upside the head with his response (he posted on link removed the same day)...


If you can be friends with her, awesome. My concern would be how she treated you - leading you on...

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great advice...it's always nice hearing a females take on this.


I ended up responding:


thanks, i'm actually out of the country for august, hope your having a good summer too



thus I felt I was polite, but didn't say i would meet up with her becasue frankly I'm still kinda pissed

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