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I'm a dad!!!!

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My baby girl was born at 1:33 AM CST on July 19th! Being a dad is a freakin' amazing thing! People tell you about it and how you will feel when your child is born, but no matter what you are told nothing compares to the actual experience. I didn't watch the birth from the extreme angle, but I did watch the birth from the point of view of my girlfriend. I think the graphic angle might have been too overwhelming so I video taped it from a PG perspective angle.


Anyways, my baby girl was born almost 3 weeks early but everything is fine. She had a low glucose level and had jaundice, but the hospital took care of those things pretty quick and she was able to come home with us on the 21st. She was born 5 lbs 9 ounces, and was 19 inches long. Her name is Mialee, which is pronounced My-uh-lee although when you say it it comes out fast enough where it sounds like Miley. I'm very excited so I couldn't help but post this.


Here is a picture of her hours after her birth. She has a full head of hair, something I had when I was born too.

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Its awesome to "hear" your excitement through this post! Congratulations!


Be prepared for a wild ride-the first several months are pretty much a waking dream, due to a profound lack of sleep But that's when the special bonding occurs-those middle of the night feedings and cuddlings...it is just amazing...


I have many failed relationships in my life...except the most important one. I have had custody of my 2 boys since they were 5 and 2. And I have been a really good dad. And they are my life, and by all accounts and appearances, they still adore me, and they are now 16 and 13!


It is the greatest thing that can happen to us-and I wish you the best along this new path...take care brother, and steal some winks wherever you can find them!

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Your baby still has more hair than my soon to be 6 months old boy.



That's funny! Not that Mialee has more hair, but that someone else just said the exact same thing to me in another forum about 10 minutes ago. They said they have a 6 month old boy with less hair. What a coincidence!


My cousin Jaclyn has a 9 month old daughter Annabel, and Mialee had more hair at 9 minutes than Annabel has at 9 months! My girlfriend was a bald baby but I had tons of hair as a newborn. Mialee takes after daddy!

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