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I bumped into her at lunch today.

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And all the feelings I have for her came rushing back. It's hard to describe the joy I felt just by seeing her face and also the pain by knowing that it's over between us. She came over and we had a brief conversation, nothing about the relationship, just small talk and we parted ways.


It's only been about a month and a half and I feel like I've made little to no progress in this. If anything, I may very well be doing worse than I was initially. I guess I'm still having a hard time accepting it even though I know that there isn't much hope of a reconciliation. The last time we spoke about the breakup she mentioned that she felt that she had made the right decision.

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Yeah, that small-talk with an ex is killer. It hurts because we're reminded that where we once were everything to this person, we're now just part of the scenery. It's a hard blow to take, and the reason why many here advocate NC. This was out of your hands, though, and you're left hurting again.


I also know what you mean when you say you may be worse off now than you were initially. It's part of the process, though. We leave the relationship with fresh emotions, and (usually) hope that this breakup wasn't for real. As reality settles is, we swirl down. I've been there more than once. You hit bottom eventually, and you get back up and trudge on. Unfortunately, it's not all steadily better from there. You'll have setbacks (calls from her, running into her, dreams about her, you name it). Anything can and will put you into a tailspin. But we toughen up, and it gets better. It takes time, though, and we're desperate for relief now. NOW, DAMMIT!!! Yeah. I'm in the same boat. Crying every day about my loss. Not getting any better yet. It will, though. I've been through this. You'll be ok, too. Hang in there.

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