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I got response from letter. Scared to open.


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So, I wrote my ex girlfriend a handwritten letter.We have been broken up for a month. I contacted her two weeks after and asked her to come back. She said that we needed to "try" and move one. She was also calling mutual friends during the initial 2 weeks and asking about me. She added one of my friends to her myspace which I thought was weird.


I just laid it out on the line in the letter. I told her how much she means to me. I told her the things I love and miss about her. I asked her to think about us getting back together slowly. I told her that things would have to change and we would have to work on stuff.


This letter was mailed Monday. I am assuming she received on Tues or Wed. We only live 2 miles apart. Last night I received an email from her and the title is " Your Letter". I am so nervous about opening it. On one hand I think it is strange that she would send an email at 11:00. Then again who knows. I already went through hurt of the initial break up and now I may be doing it all over again.


Does anyone want to guess what the chances of this email sent last night at 11:00 will be a good outcome? I will update this thread and give the results as soon as I open it.

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Only one way to know I'm afraid.


Last time I broke up with my ex, I did the handwritten letter and it pretty much convinced her. This time I did an email (at least 3 of my friends called it 'heartfelt'); but it most certainly did not.

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Just open the thing, were all dying to know !!!!


This will eat away at you until you do it. If it's a 'thanks but no thanks' then have a damn good cry, get it out your system and move on. However, it could be something positive, but you won't know till you open it. I can see that your afraid that this maybe your last chance and you don't want the door to close. I'm afraid the door is already closed but maybe reopened. You need to know either way. Just expect the worse then you won't be disappointed.


I feel a Facebook petition coming on !!!


Good Luck

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