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Your hobbies?


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-going to shows

-Listening to music

-playing my guitar


-trying new foods


list is actually growing, because lately I've been feeling more and more like learning about cars (I'd like to build one that can race someday), martial arts, among other things. Unfortunately time becomes scarce because of school too.

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Lifting weights



Computers (Internet, games at times, programs and applications)

Money (study of it; decisions that individuals make and moves that corporations do)

Travel (always up for getting out of the U.S.)

Reading (everything!)

Music (DJs)

Cars (European cars and prototypes)

Boats (one day I will have my own...)

Architecture (primarily non-U.S.)

Science (physics, chemistry, engineering & technology)

Volunteering (kids)

Learning new things (school, books, studying, etc.)

Hanging with my family and speaking with them and learning more and more about them (distant relatives, distant cousins, etc.)

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