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it hurts

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First of all, are you still quite young? Sometimes it can take a little while for the foreskin to become detached fully from the head (called adhesion, by the way). This should happen on it's own in time, but before it does, there may be some tightness or pulling until that occurs.


Ultimately, there is generally enough foreskin to not pull and cause any pain at all when aroused. There is a little bit of skin (frenulum) that does remain attached at the back. Make sure that you're not constricting yourself near the base of your penis when you get aroused as this may resist allowing things to move naturally.


Does this pain occur if you don't touch yourself and get aroused? I'm not clear if it's due to you pulling the skin one direction or another while feeling the pain. That will start to hurt on any guy if they pull too far in one direction.


If it's a real problem, go and see your doctor.

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