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sure if you guys remember but there was a situation where on of my friends has a vibrating dildo. Well a lot of people on here said it's been up his

ass- and they were so right. I got a chance to speak to his b/f last night as he was answering the guy's phone.


So be ladies if you encounter a male freak who has a toy-then please believe that he is bi-sexual and is in the closet. Guess he lets his b/f use it on him and then he goes to town on that guy-WOW


Then my so-called b/f that is away-well I sent a cut letter yesterday because all he is is a user. I see the storm well before it has landed and I am not beat to get my heart broken and feelings hurt. So now again I am single. It's not so bad it's just that I am ready to settle down. I feel hopeless and a little down in the dumps. I feel as if I am so naive and that maybe I am supposed to be gay or something! I really don't know.


Guess maybe I am being a cry babe and really am venting-but hey at least it makes me feel better.

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sorry, i missed the other thread about your friend.


if a guy had a vibrating dildo.. well it *COULD* be to use on women, but yea.. chances are big he uses it on himself too to experiment lol. i dont want to judge but i'm not all too surprised about your friend for some reason.


you do seem a bit crushed even though you say you aren't. i think you should just get to know the guys better before even thinking of them in a long term way. i'm not saying date other guys too. but maybe concentrate more on living single and happy, till the right guy comes along and meets your expectation and what you deserve. dont just settle with the first guy who comes. glad to hear you cut the user out of your life.

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