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He leaves for Iraq in two weeks!!

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Well, let's just say it's been awhile since I posted on here, and this is not a reason I expected to bring me back here.....but you all are great, and helped me through crazy time during my life last year, so i'm just hoping for more of the same.


I'm on East Coast time and it's 2:00am. I found out yesteraday at about 9am, and I have not relaxed since I heard the news. He will be there fore 6 months.. We've been dating for 10 months. A very rocky ten months at that. He has a child from a previous relationship(wasnt married) and this is my first time dating a man with a child, as well as seriously being involved with a man in the military. Much adjusting that took place(and still is) yet we are still together to this day...


I guess you could say I'm still in shock. I am dreading this entire venture. Oh, and he is leaving on my birthday I was ecstatic to hear that I would be taking him to the airport....what a great birthday present Sigh.


I was a military brat. Everyone is commenting on how I should already be familiar with the terms....but it's been about 10 years or so, since I had to see my father off anywhere...and luckily it was never to any warfare. This is entirely different. While I love my father greatly, back then, I was pretty self-absorbed, and the blow wasn't nearly as devastating as being emotionally, physically, and spiritually involved with the love of your life.....how the hell will I get through this? How will we get through this...???


I haven't eaten all day, but I managed to gulp two glasses of wine....I don't want to start any bad habits..but it seems almost inevitable at the moment...I'm just trying to be strong for him...to let him know I will be ok..and to not be anything extra to worry about for him....he's been to afghanistan last year...so he is, more prepared then I am to deal with this...please someone, anyone, lie to me and tell me it will get easier???

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I have never been in this situation so I really don't know what advice to give... but I would like to say that my sister is engaged to a man who is currently overseas. They constantly talk online, using microphones and webcams. She misses him a lot but having some contact helps. He was shipped for 10 months so he isn't due back for quite awhile... but their relationship is still strong.

I think being away from each other makes relationships grow and make the love stronger for each other.

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Fastball, that's inappropriate considering the circumstances.



Your loved one has been called to duty; of course this is going to be a very difficult and emotional time for you. Don’t worry about how you should be coping, just accept your feelings. I would be scared too.


Here’s a few things I could think of that might help you feel better:


-- Join a support group or network with others in similar situations. The military offers supportive services and you can usually find support groups through community centers, churches and synagogues, YMCA/YWCAs, etc., or you can start your own informal support group.


--Contact other families who you know have loved ones called to duty. If you don’t know anyone, contact the military and ask them if they can refer you to others in your area—or to provide you with phone numbers or e-mail addresses of others outside of your immediate area. This will give you the opportunity to share information with people who may be experiencing similar emotions and concerns.


--Establish and rely on a support system of family, friends and/or colleagues.


--Keep a journal.


--Maintain as normal a schedule as possible. Structure your time and keep busy. Do things that feel good to you. This will help keep your mind off the situation and occupy your time.


--Consider limiting your exposure to television or other sources of information about the current situation and the military plans.


Finally, realize you’re not alone. Many others have also been called to active duty. We’re all here for you. Come back and post about how you’re feeling.


Take care.

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Hi There,


I can understand your feeling very well as I have had the same situation but with a different angle. I went to Iraq in summer 2004 for four weeks. I was not in military but I was put with them for security reasons. So I kind of know how they felt about it and what kind of situation we dealt with. It was tough for my family but you know there are things we need to do. Be positive as it’s not as bad as you hear in news (This is what I experienced in 2004). Keep yourself busy with happy thoughts, be strong and may be, live with your family or something. Bottom line is - it’s not easy neither for you, nor for him, I know that for sure but if you are positive and keep yourself occupied all the times, you will OK. Have faith.

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