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Advice for college


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Hey guys...so I'm headed off to college at the end of next month and I'm excited yet a little nervous. I'm also definitely looking forward to all the new people and things there, but I'm going to tremendously miss everything I'm leaving behind. Basically I'm looking for some advice going into college.

Well I went into high school with not too much advice from others, and I had an idea of what I wanted to get out of it and all that...but I figured out how stupid I was back then. For example i'm really into sports and I didn't want to be some really stuck up popular kid, so I didn't really try to make many friends...I just wanted to focus on sports. Well my first two years of hs were very lonely and in my junior year I realized how important friends are in your life. The last year was amazing and I loved it, I just wish I would've started out with a different perspective.

So I'm headed into college, and what advice would you give me? I'm not the typical freshman in that I have to show up early for college sports (running). Other than that...I just want to know what you guys have to say.

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Uhm... make sure you don't fall into the whole "OH YEA LET'S GET WASTED WE'RE COLLEGE STUDENTS" retarded thing and you'll be good. Also, go to class... & don't alienate yourself... friends are good, and you will need them in college, specially while being away from home and stuff.


I can't think of anything right now, do you have any specific questions?


Oh and also, ask around before signing up for a class... get opinions on professors, and take a look at link removed as well. A bad professor can make a wonderful class a living hell.


Where are you going btw?

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Just enjoy urself and be urself!


College life is great. Don't be shy, everyone else there will be new too. Meet as many people as you can, don't just hang out with the sports team members.


Play hard but also work hard...you are there for academics after all! LOL

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Everyone goes into college wanting to make friends. My advice is to expand your friends network as much as possible. While it's definitely fine to have a set group of friends, you don't want to limit yourself to just one group. Otherwise you're going to have a lot of the issues that are brought up a lot on this forum - like not being able to find dates, not having any friends, not having a great social life, etc.


The best time to make friends is, again, right when school starts. Exchange numbers with as many people as possible - one way to do this is to ask something like, "Hey, want to get lunch tomorrow?" or "Want to go work out at the gym later?" Then exchange numbers.


You don't have to hang out with everyone you meet, just make sure not to limit yourself. Have more confidence then usual - I cannot say this enough, but again, everyone is going to want to make friends as they're going into college, so it's pretty rare that you'd be rejected.


Anyway. That's my advice. I went from not having many friends in high school to having a lot. It was a fun year. Then I was depressed for a while and lost contact with most of these people, but... anyway, my point is that in terms of friendships, your college experience can be as good as (probably better than) your senior year of high school. Good luck!!

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Just go with the flow. College is so much better than HS, it's radanculous. Get involved with stuff you like. You will meet people in class and on your floor. Your RA will be a good assest to help you meet people, etc. There is always something goin' on too. Don't be fooled. I was a RA for a year and a half and kids were constantly complain' about there's nothin' to do but get drunk. LOL I don't know what rock they were living under. But yeah Mindy* is right. You don't have to get drunk in college to be cool. I didn't start drinking really until I was legal and it is kicking my butt! Ugh! Main point is, have fun!!!

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Be careful of the freshman 15. Lots of people gain unwanted weight the first year in college. The beer and high calorie cafeteria food will getcha.


Also, if you've ever wanted to try making some changes in who you are, how you are seen, etc now is a great time. No one at college has any idea who you are and what your past is. If you were the most straight-edge normal kid in high school you could show up to class with purple hair and a pierced eyebrow and people wouldn't know the difference. Time to have fun.

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Just enjoy yourself and start out positive. It will seem a bit daunting, but so does anything new. Keep an open mind and try and talk to a wide range of people. You'll soon find out the sort of people you're going to fit in with best. If you're friendly, so will they be. Also, just the most of everything. Just because you want to have fun, doesn't mean you can't concentrate as hard on sport. You can keep everything to moderation and still have an awesome time. Try not to get sucked into bad crowds. It's easy enough to do, but you might regret it after.

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-always try to go to class, you may miss out on important topics being covered

-meet new people, college is the best time to make new friends

-try not to procrastinate, if you let work get piled up, you'll never get it done

-you don't have to go to every party, there will be others

-start making connections early if you're planning on applying for grad school.

-have fun!

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-go to every class.

-you'll meet some friends that'll last a lifetime.

-don't party too much, it's overated.

-time management is key.

-not sure what major you are but for some majors networking is very important, especially for business majors.

-have fun and don't stress too much.

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