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She Broke NC with a phone call today?????


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Me and my x of 5 years have now been broke up for almost 4 months she started dating a guy alot younger then her right after we broke up, she moved in with himabout a month later , he is a loser drugee, drink all the time lives the college life, no job, doesnt get along with his family. I am the totally opposite, anyways she has continued to texted me about once a week, I have not initiated contact in about 2 1/2 months but she continues to. sometimes I answer very brief other times I don't answer at all, and it is always about something stupid anyways she called this morning telling me about how she is about t break up with him and how she doesn't know where her life is going but she also brought up at the end of the conversation about why we did not work out and then sayed maybe one day we could be friends . I just blew it off.



What is she trying to do, if anything????

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Just stop talking to her. She feels as if you are on the back burner and that she can try to dwindle her way into your life when she is finished with him. Sounds like you really deserve a lot better than her. Don't give her the satisfaction of a response. She had her chance to be a part of your life and she blew it.


P.S. I think that 4 months is the "magical" amount of time for an ex to break NC. That has been the case for 4 out of 6 of my past relationships. lol

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Well it has not been complete NC she always finds a way to text or something mostly on mondays after the weekend and its been about 1 month since we talked on the phone, there has been good and bad contact.



Yeah this is common as well. People that go through a break up find the weekends as a releif from the pain, they allow themselves to forget about it for a little bit and then once Monday hits and its time to go back to work... their mind starts to race.


Maybe it would be easier for you to just to stop contact all together. After all, you don't want anything to do with her as of now right?

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Yeah I agree that you shouldn't make yourself available to her. She may be trying to ease into a friendship with you, or trying to keep you on the leash because it might hurt to know you've moved on. Either way it's prolly not healthy for you since you were together for so long and it's only been a few months.


Just let her know how you feel. If you don't want to be friends shes gonna have to deal with it. I will bet that you aren't overly interested in how she's doing in her relationship now either so that should be made quite clear to her.

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I do want her back however I am not going to chase her if we get back together it will be because she came to me. but I dont want to puch her away either, she thinks I am dating someone else and I am but I am not in a relationship like her.

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