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messing with my head


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this is like one of my first times on here so here goes.....

recently my bf finished with me, we was having are bad moments and good moments and i thought everything was fine until he finished with me.


my bf is only 19 and i am 21 so it is different in age, but we get on so well, but then he said to me he cant do this anymore, he wants to go out and not just stand there talking to his mates ,but he wants to flirt with other girls or maybe take them home!

so you can understand how i felt (am i not good enough for him??!)i asked him this and he said im great and he still loves me and that im the best thing that has ever happened to him!

the next day he texted me to meet him so i did and we was talking and he was crying saying he loves me and im everything to him so i asked whats going on with us and he said that he cant take back what he said and he just wants to be friends. so i said ok we will give it ago.

the next day he came to see me and he started cuddling me and kissing me so i was getting confused so i said to him i cant do this i cant be friends and do this everytime we see each other so he said i want to be with u, so we have given it another go.

so today we said we wouldnt see each other till the weekend and that we will still text each other so i sent him a text and he was very blunt with me which is strange so i rang him and asked if he still wants this and he said yes, so later this evening i sent him 2 texts and he hasnt replied i aint texting again because he probably will start to think im not giving him his space.

does he really want this to work or is he scared that hes going 2 hurt me???


please can someone help me i just cant stop thinking about him and why he isnt texting back.....

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Last thursday (a week ago) was the last time I talked to my ex. She sent me a brief text friday morning...since then....nothing. I attempted to contact her 3 times since then. No response.


I've spent the last week loathing myself, like her rotten behaviour was my fault somehow.


This morning it dawned on my that my relationship has been a like a prison of misery over the last 7 months. Somebody has finally given me the key to freedom. Now I am wondering why I put up with the insanity so long.


Hopefully, you will get the freedom from obsession as well. I'm done with it. It's a great feeling.

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Hun, I went through your situation


My EX broke up with me, then said lets see eachother a couple of times a week, then said it wasnt working, then said he wanted it to work,


Then i got sick of feeling rubbish and thought, i'd rather deal with one big pain than put up with this for ages! So im accepting the pain now.


Let go...he doesnt respect you or love you and he'll keep stringing you along till he finds this new girl or starts a new relationship.

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