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how'd you meet your last date?


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in a bar. she approached me.


girl before that, in a bar. i made the move.


girl before that sent two drinks over to me and my buddy. then they came over to talk.


gf, before that, in a bar. she made the move.


girls before that were 85% my approaching.

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She worked at the gym I go to. My date tonight is with a girl I met through a mutual friend 3 summers ago and we messed around (no sex) and then fell out of contact for a few years, now we're back in contact just as friends.


(though I'd happily show her my O face again if she was up for it)

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Discounting my on-again/off-again LDR....


- Out-of-town setup courtesy of the friends I was housesitting for. It went great, no hookup but she told my friends later that she had a great time with me and wished I lived there.


- Visited another city, asked out girl I'd hooked up with in my previous visit the year before. Went great, ended up sleeping with her before I came home.


- Ex-girlfriend of a friend's coworker (whew!) requested me on Myspace, I asked her out, we went salsa dancing. Was fun but she wasn't interested beyond friendship, we're still friends.


- Asked out a long-time acquaintance, we had 3 great dates, had sex a couple of times, then she dumped me for another girl.


- Girl who came to one of my DJ gigs sent me a Myspace request. I asked her out via email, she accepted, we had fun but there were no sparks so I didn't bother asking for a second date.

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Last few dates/romantic interests have been online contacts at first.


Last long term relationship.... met at his place of work, introduced by my best friend who happened to know him. He called her house later asking about me... took off from there.

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I met the last guy I went out on a date with from an online dating site. The date went well and ended well, except he accidentally slipped his real age (when on the site he shaved ten years off).


He texted me again wanting to go to dinner the other night. I don't recall if I responded to his text or not. At this point, it doesn't matter.

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