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whats on her mind? plz help pals


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hi there,


there is a girl and i love her. we r friends for months. i have'nt proposed her yet as bcos i want make my friendship base "a solid 1". but she knows that i love her......i'm sure....she even tries various methods to make me speak out about my feelings on her.. i call her regularly, whenever I call her it seems she's very much interested in interacting with me. ...she never called me and we've never been on a date but i'm not worried abt that. the "way and what" she talks or interacts with me during the conversations over the phone states that she's interested in me or likes me....but.......

this new yr. i told her that i'm sending her a card by post. then she said "rajdeep its ok that we talk on phone but why send cards at home? this is our last yr of graduaton and we don't where we'll b after that. i've seen poeple come & go so i've decided that no more new friends." i said don't generalise me......she replied "why, ur a friend as any other" then i asked, have i pressurised u once for calling me & why r thinking so much abt the future. then to my surprise she said "ur so casual u'll date for 6months and then forget everything" (why does she say that). though i remimded her what she's talking abt. she said sorry and said that we'll b all busy with our careers then why all this. i've sent her my card and have'nt talked with her since. let her think abt me. b sure of that card contents, its just a friend wishing another. whats going on her mind? is she feeling the love for me but stoping herself from committing? i'm really puzzled. please help buddies. well i hope i've cleared myself.ok bye ,


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Hi Rajdeep,

And welcome to enotalone. It sounds like your friend certainly does like you and may want to pursue more romantic path with you, but she also feels you are holding back. You say you want to lay a solid foundation based on friendship first. Well, that's a good idea. But to keep her keen, you have to give her more. Why not date her "as friends"? Go to the movies, hang out. You can't build a solid friendship or anything else for that matter over the phone. If you love her, then you shouldn't be afraid of facing her and being with her. Good luck.

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