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Update...ex texts me back after 1 week nc...

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So i recently (yesterday) posted about how my ex decides to text me the following... "i just wrote to say hey! just thinking about you!" after 1 week nc. I wake up the next morning to get a text from her again saying "goodnight !


I took the advice of everyone and just ignored her.


Today I get 2 texts after I come home from the gym. The first reading "please dont ignore me! im stupid im sorry" then "ok i wont text you ne more! bye forever". At this point i did text back saying "was just at the gym" she responds "oh sorry, we are hanging out this weekend"....i respond by just saying yup and then she says "we dont have too" then i say "no we can"



This is after about 1 week ago i asked her bluntly if she would give us a second chance and she said no so i said we could not be friends and went nc.


what do you guys think she means by this. I want to ask her what she is sorry about. By the way i dont actually plan on seeing her this weekend. IM going to tell her im busy tommarrow and maybe some other time...I dunno this is messed up....

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yeah, i kinda messed up, i should have said nothing i know but to get out of it im just going to say im busy....i guess i got excited...i know im not ready to see her let alone talk to her...i wish i didnt say i was at the gym...i should have ignored her threat to never talk to me again knowing it prob would have drove her nuts....damn....stupid mistake by me...

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