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Stories of Ex Changing His/Her Mind?

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I was just wondering if anyone had stories of an ex who dumped them, said "no" to any idea of future reconciliation/reunion, closed the chapter/door completely...only to later on (months, even years) open their heart again to getting back together.


My ex has no desire to reconcile, and I know I have to move on and let go, and I am. But, still...I'm just really curious how often this happens, if at all.

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I've had that happen once. But when the guy wanted to come back and start over again, my feelings had changed because I saw that the same problems that made me upset the first time around were still there. Nothing had changed so although I was initially open to it, I realized quickly that it was not going to work.

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I dated a guy for a little over a year, and then we broke up. He got jealous and mad when I started dating other people, and so by his choice we stopped keeping contact. He was a real jerk about it too. And then probably about a year later, he suddenly calls me. Gives me this spill about how he missed me, and letting me go was the stupidest thing he'd ever done, and how he wanted us to get back together and maybe get married some day.


But...I was strong. I had just started a relationship with the guy I am currently with, and I told my ex that I still loved and cared about him, and I hoped that we could be friends again, but us getting back together wasn't an option.


So...ya...it's possible. But I don't think getting back with someone based on feelings you had for them that long ago is a good idea.

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