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How long do you usually go between relationships


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guess for me it could for ex. depend on my age, which number of relationship it's about, how long we've been together and how close we were and how I feel about it afterwards

I think it's good to put enough time between the old relationship and a new one to make sure new person isn't really filling the place of the previous but more to see at something totally different and that you feel good enough at your own as well so not depending on the other/instable.. expect it won't be the best base there is

But expect I wouldn't put a time on it and just see how things process and what comes on my way

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It's not really how much time there is in between each relationship. It's how you feel and are coping with the previous one. It's important that you are completely over it so that the next person you are with, you can give them your 100%.

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