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Well, it is summer time and I am enjoying myself. I'm 19 and enjoying my summer before college starts up again in about 6 weeks.


During my spring semester, I dated this girl for a few months. We became extremely close. We spent a lot of time together and had sex often. Our relationship was pretty deep on the emotional level even after a few months of dating.


We both got out of 1+ year relationships in the winter time. Summer comes and we are forced to be about 5 hours apart for the summer. The long distance between her and I was working out since we talked often and kept the relationship fresh.


Back in her hometown, her ex had been bombarding her at parties, fights had happened between him and her since he wants to get back with her and she wants to be friends. This problems continued for a few weeks and got to the point where I told her that I just couldn't talk about them anymore and she needed to make some changes. Our relationship basically fell apart after this and we stopped talking on a regular basis. This was at the middle of June.


I have decided to lay off of her and let her come and contact me. Our contact has been sporadic in the last month and a half, but she has called me 5-6 times to catch up and texted me a bunch of times. She has been trying to keep in contact...no relationship talk between her and I however.


I heard through a mutual friend that she hung out with her crazy ex one weekend and he has had these away messages in the past that have said "Trying to get the only thing back that means something to me"...to last night when he had, "I love you"....hers have been generic away messages and nothing of that sort.


While I'm not going to come out and ask her about it since it's none of my business, it does surprise me with what has been said about her and the ex. Obviously, I have feelings for her...school is 6 weeks away..I have been going out on casual dates with other girls and have even hooked up with a few so I'm not dwelling on this...what do you think I should do? And can you access the situation?

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few so I'm not dwelling on this


well, i think you are a bit, which is normal. i just point it out because when you recognize something for what it is, your better off in addressing the situation the right way.


i would stop looking at her ex bf's away messages. though i understand the curiosity, there is really no need for it and it leaves you just trying to interpret everything, which is no good.


at this point, you only have a month left before your back at school. when you get there, i wouldn't make it your first priority to run to her. let her come to you a bit. if she gives you good vibes, go with it and take it slow. if she still has the same attitude as she has over the summer, then cut your losses and move on. Though you may like her, in the long run, you'd be better off. Doing the right thing isn't always so easy.

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