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Reconnecting with aquaintances

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Ok I need some advice on doing this. So Since my gf and I broke up the social life has been next to nothing. Not a complete void, but enough to remain lonely. So I decided to hit up some people I have not talked to in awhile to start a friend base. One guy and his brother I've known since elementary. We hung out intermittently through junior high and high school. We did not hang out a lot out of school, but we hung out quite a bit during school. He just so happened to have gone to the same college as me although he lived at home. There is another guy that lived in the dorms with me Freshman year of college. We hung out here and there during that year and we had a class senior year together that was essentially one big group project. We were in the group together. So I guess I see this as growth from the breakup of my life.


So a few questions. Is it a lost cause to try to make friends that I have a history with that I did not hang out a lot with. And any tips on working this out and how to attempt to build a friendship. The guy from back home I am going to hit up on Myspace and the guy from the dorm I am going to hit up on AIM.

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