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What To Do???? Please help!!!

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Ok, well here it goes...there is this girl that I've liked for quite a long time (2 years), and, about 6 months ago, I admitted that I had feelings for her. She, of course, didn't feel the same way, and said that we had too good of a friendship, and if we started dating, she was afraid it might ruin it. Now the strange thing is, we never really were that close, so obviously it was just an excuse to get me off of her back, since I wasn't worth the time for a better explanation... But anyway, moving forward...just about 2 months ago, she told me that she was starting to like me...but she still wasn't ready for a relationship. This is where things take an even more complicated turn...she's liked this one guy *a complete jerk, might I add* that has turned her down several times before, and she has quotes dedicated to him in her online profile and everything...yet she is still dropping some hints to me...Aaah! What do I do now? Should I take the chance, ask her out, and most likely get hurt again? Or do I sit idly by, waiting for whatever it is to come to me? The suspense is killing me, and my love for her is constantly growing...Please, please, please help!!!

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i really think that you should just wait. don't sit around waiting for her to come to you though cause that might never happen, but you should wait to ask her out. obviously she likes this other guy. she told you that she thinks she might like you too, but shes not ready to start any thing with you, so chances are, shes not ready. what happens if you are dating her & then this other guy that she likes starts showing interest in her? what will she do?? it would probably be best to wait until shes not so into this other guy & says shes ready to be with you. it seems like whatever you are doing is working though. cause before she didn't feel the same, & now she might like you. so just keep doing what your doing & maybe she will soon like you & forget about this other guy.

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hey there GravityHazard


enadevoli hit it right on the nose. you cant sit around waiting for this girl to give you what you deserve. She has made it clear that she feels for another and although she is giving you mixed signals, i feel it is more for her advantage to keep you on her allied side, just incase this guy doesn't work out. in other words, your her back up plan!


I understand you have feelings for her though which does complicate matters for you, but nothing you cant survive. I feel you should try and decrease your contact with her if you can. try and let your feelings go and if it helps, try and think that if anything DID happen, it would certainly not last. Don't let this turn you off looking for someone else. She is obviously confused about what she wants and at the same time hurting you because of this.


Ofcourse dont do anything drastic until you are certain. talk to her. sounds hard, but you will finally know the answers you need. Make sure you address the points about the Guy she has her eyes on and you as well. tell her your feelings towards her have not changed but if she is interested in this guy, then you will go searching elsewhere.


Just make sure you dont wait all this time just to be disappointed in the end. you deserve much better, so dont be afraid to search elsewhere.


Goodluck and bestwishes to you. Make sure you are treated the way you deserve ok



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