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What should i do if gf talks to her ex?PLEASE REPLY

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Hi I've been with my girlfriend for almost 6 months now. We were pefect until the fourth month her ex boyfriend called and she was talking to me and she said she had a call waiting and i as like ok so i waited for 15 minutes. I called her and she didn't pick up until the third time i tried and she told me she was talking to him and i was like well when ever your done call me and she said ok! So 2 hours later she calls me back and I asked her if she was done talking to him and she was like yeah and i said ok. Then the next day he calls again and shes on with him for an hour or so. So i tell her to call me back when ever she's actually ready to finally talk to me and she said ok. I've thought about breakin up with her but i don't want her to slip away from me like that any one with any suggestions?

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You know I totally know what your going though, well with my boyfriend doing that! He always talk to his ex GF all the time sometimes he'd call her from my house even, so of course I'd start to think things! Anyways I made the mistake by breaking up with him without even talking to him about why he was always calling her, now he won't give me the time of day because I didn't trust him. Then I found out that it was nothing they were just friends and she was happy that he was happy with me! What I'm trying to say is don't jump to conclusions and maybe just try asking her stright up whats going on with you two! That way you won't have to be wondering what she is doing talking to him for so long!


I hope thats helps abit!

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i really dont think you should worry about it. i mean, she is with you now, not her ex. maybe they are just still good friends, or maybe they are just gettin some unanswered questions answered. any thing could be going on. if it bothers you, maybe you should talk to your gf about it & see whats up. don't make it seem like you don't trust her though, cause that could upset her.

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i dont know about this. i agree that you should trust your gf, i just dont know if this gf should be trusted. 2 1/2 hours with the ex, right in your face, and you are the one waiting for her to call (and sounding kind of puppyish sad)? you sounded kind of sad in your message, i can imagine the weakness she might have sensed in your voice. i would address this immediately. tell her that you are willing to work with her, you're not a jealous person, but the fact of the matter is there are red flags everywhere and you will not be walked all over. i know it is early in hte rship and you need to take it slow, but you also dont want to waste your time and if she is a reasonable person, she will understand your concern. do not let her walk over you now, this early in the rship. b/c if she can walk over you this early, it will set the tone for the long term. be a man, not jealous, but a strong and reasonable

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First things first, you have to talk to her and find out wear her and her ex stand. And no, you are not being out of line or budding into her business by inquiring this information from her since you have only been a couple for almost 6 months. You two don't really know each other that well at this point and havn't reached the stage in your relationship were you know actually how you feel about eachother and the trust bond is strong. That can take well over a year some instances. Your obviously fealing jealously towards her ex since he seems to be a higher priority than you. And quite frankly I would feel the same way if my relationship took a steer in another direction if a guy from her past is in her present.

Why do feel you want to break up with her? Do you think she is cheating? If so, than getting to the bottom of things is definetly in order hear. Most important, do not be accussing her of things that you "think" she might be doing. That can maybe your imagination getting the best of you. I know, easier said than done but it makes sense right? I guess I'm just saying that you should let her know how you feel.



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