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becoming emotionally numb

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I've always been a very emotionaly guy. I daydream alot, I have fantasies, and I always feel emotions from both sides of the spectrum. I'm happy and content with where my life is going right now, and what the future is going to bring.

One of the things I have always had is a "daydream" crush. Like, there has always been some girl that I find attractive enough to crush on, and I will daydream about them alot. This is what keeps me from being sad/depressed, are these fake/made up daydreams about girls. Does that make sense? I always have at least one girl who I fake crush on, and it makes me smile even when i'm just daydreaming about being with them and other things I make up in my own mind. Sure, I haven't been on a date or even touched a girl in over 5 years and I will get lonely every now and then, but my romantic daydreams keep me "up" and from being sad. I guess you could say that the idea of love is what has always kept me spiritually happy.


Well, here lately, I've noticed that I don't have it in me to be a romantic daydreamer anymore. I don't have some girl to daydream about, and it just feels like I'm numb to any emotions good or bad. I'm not sad or depressed by any means (trust me, I have been depressed in the past and this is Not it). It's just like all of a sudden I am the king of apathy, I just don't care about much anymore. All of the "passion" for life - the small things, the pleasant things... they just don't matter anymore. It's like somebody flipped a switch, and turned my emotions off like a light.

Like I said earlier, I'm totally happy with my life and where it's going. I've finally found direction, and I'm actually moving in 2 days. I'm enrolled in one of the best trade schools for the career that I have been so happy with for the past 4 years. I can see a future, and I can seemyself going places, and I'm happy and excited about it. It's just like all of the focus on this one part of my life has drained all of the feeling from the romantic/passionate side of me and it is making me such a dullard. I never smile anymore.


Has anyone else just felt like the life was sucked out of them all of a sudden? Is there some kind of pill that will make me a little more happy/emotional?

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Yes. I have felt this way. I've always believed you cannot taste the sweet without the bitter, however.


And I'm also strongly opposed to "pills that make you feel better". They usually mess you up more than they help-- in my experience at least. If you do decide to get meds please make sure you know what you're getting into and talk to your doctor at length about it.


Relationships aren't everything y'know? I mean, it sounds like you have a lot goin' for you. Maybe you'll meet a new smashing young lady in your new town... ya never know...


Also... I typically watch a movie to cheer myself up. I love the movie Chicago and The Sound of Music. Maybe you just need to watch something inspirational... like a romantic comedy or maybe something completely different from that like the new Batman?

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Oooh Heath!


Anyway yeah I've been in that state of mind before - and as shallow/sad as it sounds - I've needed to throw myself into a somewhat meaningless 'relationship/ecounter' to let me fulfill a couple of those daydreams and give myself enough ammo to keep going. Even if you just make an online dating profile and meet a couple of girls online it'll bolster your spirits a little.


Then you can get back to the majority of the male population and dream about taking Scarlet Johnasson or Jessica Alba on your private boat for a candle-lit quiet meal... maybe both at the same time *imagines*..... i seem to have got my smile back already haha

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Don't take this the wrong way, but it might be a sign of maturation. This sounds like a transitional period in your life. It may indicate that you are changing what is important to you. Don't be surprised if you find another passion.


Just don't lose it during the transition. LOL

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