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Beyond angry!

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Just saw the guy Im 'supposed to be seeing' flirting with a co-worker... Saw my ex last night at my work with his new girlfriend, who is much skinner, taller and firce looking than me.


The guy who Im 'supposed to see' wont commit to a proper relationship HOWEVER stated last night he 'loves' me, but also mentioned Im distant...(DUHH) Im only distant because he wants me to give him all of me but he wont do the same nor will he make our relationship offical.


Now work calls me (Im on the casual pool) to say they have a shift for me starting at 5 and ending at 10... Meaning Im only going to make $85. Meanwhile, I have bills of $600 a months plus extras, and now my car rego and insurance is due for like $4000!!! I hate work, they seriously have issues, they know my finanical situation and used to give me shifts every day but not anymore... They just want to show off their power... Grr!


This is my last year of uni (which is great) but Im taking a big leap and applying for my second degree (I havent even paid the first one off) in order to try and do something I actually enjoy. This could mean I wont be able to work at all... Which then I'l seriously lose it!!


Im not happy at all. Feel like screaming and breaking something!!

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First, I would personally stop seeing this one guy since he isn't committing to any relationship with you. And it is evident that he won't since he IS flirting with other girls.


Any chance in you finding a different job in your area? If not is there anything you can cut back on for now to reduce your amount in bills?


You can always take a one year break to get things caught up before continuing on to your second degree. That way you don't feel so overwhelmed all at once.

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I just broke up with my online real life bf of 7 mos. I met him 7 mos ago on a dating forum. I thought I fell in love with him. I lost touch for about a month. I started my profile here when that happened. shortly thereafter he contacted me and said that he wanted to meet me in person.


while I was visiting him at his condo, I saw his computer. he was at work. I don't know why he left me there with his computer in reach. I didn't want to look, but I did. I was horrified. He had over 10 dating profiles. the passwords were saved to the computer so I logged in on one. he had an ongoing realtionship with a man online. he wasn't gay. he was pretending to be a woman. i was horrified. I am shaking right now sharing this.


i tried to post about this in another thread, but I can't because I posted another topic on the main board.

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