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If I don't have relationship soon, will it be hard for me to get one later in my life?


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I guess I'm not familiar with "your problem." However, I don't believe for a second that as you get older, meeting someone and having a relationship will be more difficult.


I think late 20's and for some, early 30's is a good time to meet someone and settle down.

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I think you will be alright. I don't know you're problem and I'm too lazy to read your other posts but I am assuming you have some sort of social interaction problem. My advice to you is take some sort of philosophy class. Then you will open up your mind and learn to overcome your fears. Realize that happiness=overcoming your fears and how what you fear really shouldn't be feared at all. Learn to seize the day my friend. Live everyday like it's your last (I know it's hard to do, not even I do it but I try). Just try try try.

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Heck no! You are only 30. You are still young! Be happy! I don't know your problem either but I don't see why you can't overcome it!




I checked your old posts (stalker I know lol). And I still think you should have hope. Like I said before you are still young-- you've got time. Just don't let your weaknesses overwhelm you. Everyone's got 'em. Think about all the positive things you can offer someone. Try not to let your problems weigh you down. There IS somebody out there for you! I promise!

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