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im almost 16. ive coped with this and accepted it for the past couple months. ive coped with being lonely. i havnt had a boyfriend since the summer. ive had a really close friend that ive like since the summer when we basically split up. we r still so close but he has a gf and its hard to forget about him. but i want to move on and find another guy but it seems like i either dont have any interest in anyone else or no one else likes me. i jus wish someone would hook me up. i need some action or enjoyment in my life. i keep helping people with their love problems but i cant seem to accept mine. something isnt rite. for awhile i was like o who needs a boyfriend..but when i see my friends i miss all the cuddling and flirtation. pleez help in some sort of way.

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Hi Sweetie,


Don't worry you'll find someone special..no- they'll find you.

I find that as soon as you stop looking and wishing you had a boyfriend and concentrate on other stuff - someone will suddenly notice you!

I speak from experience!

Maybe your friend really does like you too - but he has a girlfriend, so for now just keep yourself busy with other things.


You sound like a lovely person and you are still so young - there are many beautiful things (and boys!) ahead


x Luxe

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hey Luvs 2 b luvd


Listen girl, do not think that because there is no man in your life, that things will be lonely for you. heck you are 16! i am 17 and NEVER had a relationship. I have plenty of excitement in my life with friends and family, and right now it really doesn't bug me that i dont have one.


Its completely normal that now you have had a taste of how great it is having someone to cuddle up to, you miss it and cant imagine coping long without it again. I think you will appreciate the single times once you start to experience some horrible consequences which can arise from relationships. Do not be jealous of your friends. Just remember your day WILL come for the right guy. Dont rush into it, thats just waiting for a disaster.


If your uncomfortable hanging with your friends with their guys around, then dont. ask JUST your friends out to do something girly where your sure their guys wont tread.


The alternative could be to ask your friends if they know anyone you could get with. all in all you should be careful, you are in a vulnerable state, and looking for someone, so your likely to jump on any boat. just watch out and consider things before taking action.


Best of luck to you. Remember boys arent EVERYTHING ( you will find plenty of sources on this site to support this)



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luvs 2 b luvd. I agree with a lot of the posters on here, cuz I felt exactly how you feel when I was in high school. It's good to be in a relationship, but just cuz someone or your friends are in a relationship doesn't mean that everything is always going well for them. I mean relatiionships are a lot to maintain. Love will find you, don't try to find love.



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