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Hey people! Whats up?- Anyway...


I wanted to ask any of u if you can help me in this one. ( guy or ladies)

I wanted to ask u what wold u do in my case; or, what is the best thing to do. I like a girl, but I don't whant her to notice or anyone else, so what I do is like... ignore her most of the times, traid to not look at her, not talk to her exept if she talks to me, and traid to not be alround her. I'm asking u this because I know is not my time to make a move so, what should I do to not look like a big idiot fool? Should I keep doing what I am doing so far, or what?-And... I really like this girl 8) , I don't what her to see me as if I hate her or something.-


Any answer will be my honor!-Thanks!

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Y r u holding bak? Talk to her some more so u can get to kno her. If u really like her ..how are u gonna have a chance with her if u dont get some guts and talk to her. U probly are the shy type. BUT i kno when im around a guy i like him to come up to me. Dont worry the worst thing she'll do is say hi bak. Y be intiminated by us ..try overcoming ur fear. Go up to her and jus start a convo ..it will be ok. Talking is how u get a relationship going. so stop being so shy.



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thanks for you help! but how could I start a conversation with her?

I think that u r a ladie so.. well, u should know better. What is the usual thing to start a conversation and when?


Thanks for everything and if anyone have something to say; feel welcome

to do it!

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