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pregnant?? in the first time???


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Ok.. this is the deal..

My period ended today.

I was with my boyfriend and we for less than 3 minutes because it was my first time. We had no condom and he "dosen't know" if he cummed on me...

I dont think he did... I didn't feel anything... but is there any possible way that i got pregnant.. in the first 3 minutes of my first sex life???!!!!! please help me.. i don't wanna get pregnant!!!

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Yes, you could conceive, if he ejaculated inside you. The chances are no less than at any other time, your first or your hundredth. Never, ever have unprotected sex! Chances are slim you are, but I won't say it's a guaranteed "no." Wait a few weeks and take a pregnancy test, if you're worried. And, for future reference, get on the Pill, have him wear a condom, SOMETHING so you don't have to go through this again! Never rely on the "pull-out method", since there's a good chance of pre-ejaculate getting inside of you, which also contains sperm, albeit a small amount. Best Good luck to you.



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It's very odd that he wouldn't know if he had an orgasm. It's a fairly noticeable feeling for him. Could it be that he doesn't want to tell you he did have one because of the risk of pregnancy? There's a very good chance you wouldn't feel it either, so from that point of view it's very difficult to tell.


There must have been a reason he pulled out, he probably felt something. If he pulled out just as he started, he may think he averted it in time, but it's unlikely that he did. If he is unsure whether he had an orgasm, he's really not in tune with his body enough to be able to extract in time anyway.


In all likelihood, you'll get away with it this time. Please don't let there be a next potential incident like this.


When did this take place? If it was just a few hours ago, it may be soon enough to take the morning after pill, which generally will avert a possible pregnancy. You'll have to do this immediately as far as I know. I have no personal experience with how, when and under what circumstances that pill can be used. Of course, there are moral issues, it depends on your beliefs.


Perhaps somebody else could comment on this as well.

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he used to smoke weed a lot, but he quitted because of me. He dosn't know if he cummed on me because of the fact that he has no senses because of his drug problems. He didn't pull out, i told him i rather stop before any incident happens. He dosnt think i can be pregnant because he thinks that the weed smoking probably affected his sperms... or maybe something like that.. can that be possible??? Besides.. he's also been drinking a lot lately..

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Honestly, I would put virtually no confidence in smoking weed as a birth control method. I think it's best you assume he has a normal sperm count and act accordingly. At this point, from what you say, if I were you I'd at least be prepared for the possibility that he did ejaculate in you.


Please take the time now to consider how you feel about this. Have you given the morning after pill serious thought, if it's not too late?


Please remember, we are not here to judge you, or try to make you feel badly.

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He does have a small point - regular weed use DOES effect sperm count and motility (how fast it moves), and makes men a LITTLE less fertile. However, that doesn't mean infertile at all, especially in a young, otherwise healthy guy. They're talking about pretty prolonged and constant use to have any really noticeable effect on sperm. So as a method of birth control, especially in two young people who are at peak fertility - it's DEFINITELY not at all reliable to count on it having much effect.


So be careful, and if this incident turns out ok - make SURE you discuss birth control with him, especially if his sensations are reduced, pulling out isn't going to be of much help!

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