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All registered for class

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Have a meeting with the disabilities office on Thursday to get my approval for part-time status. Really I'm going 3/4 time, unless told otherwise. Tues, Thurs and one class is 15 minutes from the other I so hope I can make it, too bad the buildings aren't right next to each other, I may have to drop one. I need 56 credits to graduate. Might end up with a few extra credits but not too many.


Still so nervous I'm not excited like I used to be when I was all young and naive. I have to declare my major by November, basically at this college it's see what you get into. I'm thinking Housing Studies or Communications. I'm attending the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

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Thanks for the well wishes.


I took an assessment it said Finance. I used to work in Finance. Thought about it for a major, can't do it at this college so I'm sticking with Communications which can lead to Marketing another of the options listed. I slide by in my youth so it's affected my overall GPA. My transfer in GPA was good but the overall one is so/so. Hoping I can raise it this semester.

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