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Seems to be very clingy...ewww


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So i met this girl recently and we went out last night to dinner and a movie. The date went pretty well but i was not super attracted to her. Before we went out she kept on saying how "cute" i am and making some references to staying in my dorm room or me sleeping in her bed..etc etc. I find this rather odd, and i have come to notice that this girl likes me way too much, more so than i like her. She also talks to me on aim about 6 times a day, i have started to not go on aim just because i have run out of things to constantly talk about.


Also i comment my friend on facebook, who is a semi attractive female and i noticed that this girl added her as a friend. I was like "what are you doing". This girl seems to be very very clingy, or at least showing signs of it. I personally like girls who are independent, or at least somewhat independent.


Is it wrong for me to say these things? am i over reacting.


Im also not even sure if I want a girlfriend, i like being single, im 19 years old i have tons of time to date, i like going out to clubs and parties and meeting different people, i want to get the message to her that i just want to be friends but i dont know how she will take it.


Im trying to look at it as if i was in her position, which i have been before when i was younger.


Any opinions or advice would be much appreciated.


Thank you

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