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For Tom. x

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Not a soul

in the town

had not heard

your name.

If the world

were greater still

you'd be rich

with fame.


Every face

you ever met

would smile for

days on end.

Your mum was

always proud of you

despite driving her

round the bend.


A funny day

for all was

the day you

learned to drive.

We cheered you on

but secretly

felt lucky to

be alive!


But you weren't

so blessed,

you found illness

early on.

Shortly after,

our fears confirmed,

we realised

you were gone.


The town

fell deep

into a


No life

left at

just a



I didn't want

to believe.

It all felt

so surreal.

Tears kept

rolling on

and on.

Forgotten how to feel.


Days went by

and soon we

thought this

surely can't be right.

We can bring

together a vibe

so positive:

together we'll unite.


A gathering

of thousands

met on that

very day.

To celebrate a

life so worthy-

throw all bad

thoughts away.


Somewhere you

are happy.

You'll never leave

my heart.

For I know

that truly,

we will never

be apart.

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