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Have you ever had a urine infection ?

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While I realise you're not doctors, I would really appreciate ANY ADVICE I could get right now (mostly because I've visited several doctors who say they can't help me)


Have you ever had a urinary tract infection ? You know, it burns really badly when you pee, sometimes when you don't pee, it becomes impossible to walk without needing to flee to the nearest restroom and sit down only to realise you've got nothing to pee, so you just sit there and it burns and you're, well, miserable.


Now, imagine getting this every time you have sex. And I mean, *every* time.


People say "pee after sex," "pee before sex" to clear the zone of bacteria, I've been advised to "drink cranberry juice" or take cranberry capsules because the alkali in the cranberries stops bacteria from getting too attached to my urinary tract. Right. It doesn't work. I'm still here, in between breaks from the bathroom.


I've been on about five different antibiotics which clear up the problem, but don't prevent it. So sex is becoming this chore for me. I don't enjoy it, because I know where I'm going to be sitting, in pain, for hours afterwards.


Help ! ](*,)

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I have the exact problem as you. ive had all the anti-biotics under the sun.

I usually get this problem after sex and before my time of month :S

I found i got this problem more with sex if my clit has been rubbed too hard lol.

you male or female?


has your doctor sent your for xrays or anything??

thats the next thing on my list.

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No. The doctors have just said, "Sorry, you're unfortunate" and "drink lots of water".


I'm looking into other solutions now and it seems like a vaccine is being developed to prevent constant urine infections, but it's still in its early stages.


Maybe I should try and avoid full sex and just focus on oral sex ?

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I've had a similar problem to this, I really feel your pain! I would far rather have thrush than a UTI. It's just so annoying. I often get a similar feeling after sex but it only lasts a few hours and then goes away. What you could do is use something like Femfresh everytime you wash, to keep your vagina Ph balanced. This helped me definitely. Also, if your partner is touching you with his hands, make sure they are clean. Make sure he is regularly washing himself too, since UTI's are caused by bacteria entering the urethra.

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I have a Godsend for you!!! I was suffering from this for MONTHS! and I finally found the answer! it's called D-manose with cranactin, they are capsules that you buy from the vitamin stores. You take 2 a day and it keeps the infections away I haven't gotten one since.

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