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Tomorrow it's my Birthday but I start looking against it more and more; -

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One family member invited herself to visit me tomorrow while someone else already asked about week ago to leave a day open so won't be together with others (has to travel long distance and is more relative than other person) and asked me already Monday for second time which day would suit best but no one else yet reacted (I announced that this family wants to come alone and is looking for a day) so I let person chose b/c for me it's the same so choise yesterday became tomorrow but then yesterday I got the mail from other family member.

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I'm not sure I fully understand your situation, as it sounds confusing. But from what I gathered, how about talking to each person individually and explaining your situation? It is your birthday, not theirs, thereforee it is more up to you when you want to meet people. If you have to change plans to make room for everyone, then just fully explain the situation to the person it concerns, and ask for their understanding. They can hardly be off with you if your polite, and you'll still get to see everyone (if that's what you want.) You should feel delighted to be so wanted.

Happy Birthday, I hope it all works out, and that you enjoy yourself.

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thanks and nice avatar btw

well, afterwards conclusion was person who planned to come but finally didn't came b/c other invited herself seems to feel kind of hurt b/c it's second time (with the same person and probably feeling like second choise or something) and person that went ment it just to plan and see what happen (what reaction it would result in) which is less following my logics/way of handling myself


for me it's more just a day like other days but it was nice today

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