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Sleeping with a friend!

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It's been a while since I've posted/looked at this forum.


As usual with my posts this will probably be a long one so bare with me.


I kind of wish i would've thought of coming here before i started this, I just need to vent i think and also if anyone can give advice please do, but I'm not expecting it Just want to talk...which is weird for me


I am friends with a girl, we kind of dated years ago, but it was nothing just a few weeks and we ended it with no problems. We started speaking a lot more again earlier this year, mainly on FB (we used to speak before via txt or on computer, but it was rare) and we just became really good friends again.


We met up one evening and went out and had a good time, and we slept together. We both kind of knew it was going to happen, but we both stated it would be purely no strings and a bit of fun.


Anyway, she wouldn't stop talking about it for days after to her friends, it kind of knocked me back a bit because it was like she was eager to tell everyone...but she was adamant still that she didn't want a relationship with me and that if i felt i was getting too close that we should end it, because she didn't want it to be weird between us.


We've actually ended it now, mainly because when we went out last she got a guys number and i found i was a little jealous. So i told her and said i was going to back off. She said she was afraid of this, and said she went along with it even though she knew this would probably happen. I told her i would be fine, just to make it easier on me and her.


I just don't understand what she actually wants from me, because while we were in the 'having fun' stage, she was really interested in all the girls txt messages i have in my phone and kept asking if i was more than friends with any of them, and i didn't understand why she was asking me. She stated she didn't think a relationship would work between us, but she said things that really contradicted her motives, yet now she is going on a date with this guy.


I haven't said everything here, but thats cos i want to keep it short-ish. I can always say more if anyone replies


Thanks Guys



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Perhaps she is trying to make you jealous. She really keeps insisting too much that you are just friends who have sex and nothing more...yet yammers on ad nauseam to her friends about her sexcapade with you. I wonder if she is playing a game with you hoping to act like she couldn't care less and yet hoping you will actually take it upon yourself to beg her to be your girlfriend. Who knows...it sounds like she is all over the map...but that is what tends to happen when people embark on an FWB setup...the boundaries are blurred, there is confusion about what it all means, jealousies kick in etc etc. That is why FWBs are never a good idea..because inevitably it leads to where you are now.

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Yeah. That's how i saw it too at first too, but i just didn't know what she wanted. When she asked if i had told anyone about what we did, i just said it was 'just sex' I'm not ashamed of it and it liked it but i didn't see the reason to start broadcasting it, and she didn't like that at all.


Confusing inst it? lol

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Yeah, it could've just been that. She is going on her date tomorrow...well today, however you look at it. I'm still a little jealous but its nothing that i wont get over, I'm not sure if she knows i am still.


Its no good thinking about something that isn't going to happen, so I'm just going to leave her to it and not mention anything to her.

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Just need to vent a second. not sure where to start.


i just found that she has removed some of the photos that we're in together from face book. it really bothered me so i text her and mentioned that i noticed she had done some serious editing. all she said was that 'we looked a little close' in some of them.


So i start to get a little defensive at this point and basically say that we're not even allowed to be in a photo together in case someone sees? and that i feel like she is ashamed to even be associated with me or something.


So she replied with the fact that she likes me otherwise she wouldn't have slept with me and that its not like that at all......and that she doesn't really want to get into this at the minute (it is late as well)


Now i feel like I've gone off at the deep end like an idiot and pushed her away or something, what the hell is going on????


oh, she didn't have any connection with the guy she went on the date with at all by the way...just thought i would mention that lol

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