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I have been planning a little road trip with myself lately to go to Tulsa Oklahoma, from Houston Texas, to see some old friends..

And one of my best friends, we'll say John., has a friend Sarah(not real names), whom I have been talking to via myspace, the phone, and texting for the past month or so.



I am supposed to meet this girl when I go up. Not really planning on anything happening, just someone to hang out with.


But just tonight, my mom texted me "Austin, please don't go to Tulsa. I don't feel good about it at all."


I responded "...Are you serious?"


To which she replied, "Yeah, I can't say why, but I don't feel good about it at all."


Now.. I am generally not into the whole bad feelings thing.

But my mom pretty much predicted me breaking my leg in 5th grade.

Long story short she said "If he breaks his leg on that skateboard you call the gym and have them page me."

2 hours later *snap*.


So, what do you all think?

What should I do?

I really want to go.

I want to get out of Houston. Hang out with my friends and just get away for a bit.



EDIT: Oh, I have friends in Tulsa because I lived there for 10 years.

Just to throw that out there haha.

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hey austin - do you know who this girl is? have you met her before, or chatted with her over webcam? how do you know she is who she says she is? are you sure she is not some older pedophile man waiting to snatch you? be safe, ok?


Yea, I've thought that through. And yea I have seen her on webcam. And my friend "John" has been my friend for about 12 years now and he has known her for about 6.

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hmmm...... is it possible that Sarah's 'bad feeling' stems from you maybe having a love match with this girl in tulsa, and then is afraid you'll forget about her (sarah)? maybe that's why she doesn't want you to go?


are you a safe driver? don't text or talk on the phone while driving, stay the speed limit, don't drink....


Ah, no, my mom is the one with bad feelings.

The "sarah" girl is the girl i'm going to meet.


I have never been in a wreck, I pride myself in being a very safe driver. I don't drink, have never done drugs, always wear my seat belt, and drive the speed limit or 5 over ;]..

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Well i think this could possibly be 1 of 2 things:

1. she's right and has psychic ability and really feels like something bad will happen on your trip.

2. She's concerned because of the long drive from houston to tulsa...and you've never been on a trip with that much driving before.



The farthest I have driven was to Dallas.

I went with my ex-girlfriend and my mom tells me that for that trip she didn't have any bad feelings at all.


I don't know what the deal is.


I'm not a particularly religious person, and I'm not trying to push this towards religion, but I am going to get my St. Christopher necklace blessed and put on by a priest before I leave.


I really want to go, I want to get out. I want to do something different.

Hang out with my friends I haven't seen in years.


I know one of my mom's major concerns is that I will be staying at a girls house that she's never met. But, I have people in Tulsa that she has been friends with for years that would gladly welcome me in if I needed anything.


I have already changed my oil, air filter, cleaned my jeep and checked the pressure in all of my tires.


It's so hard to decide what to do though.

I have talked to about 10 people about it and so far it's 50/50.

Every girl I have asked has said I wouldn't go.

Every guy has said that they would.

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