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weight loss buddy/ competition?

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I am not very good at getting myself motivated... Thus, I wondered if there was anyone here who was also looking to lose a little weight and was interested in sometype of competition type deal.


I have tried to get my friends into it, but it never really works. I need someone serious, who will in turn keep me on track. Or maybe it could be a group thing, if enough people wanted to do it.


If anyone is interested or has any ideas on how to go about this let me know, thanks!

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My friend and I are doing this - she is going to lose 9 pounds and I am going to lose 6. We decided to be reasonable about it. This is over the course of 2 months (to end at the end of August). We've done it before and it never worked, the prize now is a hotel night stay at the hotel of our choice, up to $150.00 -- something that we wouldn't get for ourselves but we would love to get (this benefits our boyfriends too). I think that if the prize is too small (something you would get for yourself anyway) it won't work because you wont be motivated to do anything.


I've been serious about losing weight - not because I really "need" to but because I'm just not feeling right about my body personally and because my clothes aren't fitting right. So far I lost a couple of pounds and went from being able to run only 1 mile without stopping to 5 miles (yesterday) without stopping. Its great.


Let me know if you need inspiration. I will say that once you see the changes in your body after working out and eating right, it will be inspiration enough.

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About 10-15 lbs. My ideal weight is 115-120. I am currently (as of today) 137. I have put on a few pounds recently, and didn't notice at first, but now my clothes are tighter and I just don't feel as healthy or as good about myself.


And thats a good idea about the hotel thing. Thats why I wanted a friend to do it with me so that we could have a fun goal to work towards.

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Even small amounts of weight training have a very positive effect on women ... we do not put on the big bulky muscles that men do, we don't have enough of that testosterone stuff to build that type of muscle.


I work out with 10 - 35 lb weights and regularly stack and move 70 lb hay bales, that combo works well, plus cardio is great. If you can handle running, it is the best, you never want to over eat because you have to lug that extra weight with you on your next run and believe me, you will feel it.


If you find a partner locally it is great to go for long walks or runs with. Have you checked out any meetup groups in your area also?

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i won't get into a competitive thing, but i am willing to support you! ehhh..i'm not sure if i put my e-mail in when i registered, but you can always reply here and i will pm you.


i need to lose 45 lbs. i'm the heaviest i've ever been. i'm just under 5' tall, so this is mandatory for me. i don't think the world would look at me and say, 'wow, she's huge!' coz i'm proportioned well. but i am not happy with how i look and even my doc says i am too heavy for my height.


i've been hitting the gym regularly and cutting back on my food intake as well as just eating healthier all around. i want to look good, but mostly want to do this for my health.


oh--besides weight watchers, one website i found that rules is link removed it's a fantastic site--full of daily support, recipes, exercises, etc. it's heavily trafficked, like this site is. a few of the online members were featured on some of the morning talk shows because they lost astounding amounts of weight. you should check it out.

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