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would a girl give you her number if she had a bf?


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we only just met last night, didn;t really talk too much.


what you guys and girl reckon?


I will give you the story, this lass gave me her numebr when we were out on saturday night. I was sitting at a table with my 2 m8s and i just waved a couple of lasses over, it sometimes work.


Started talking then 3 of their friends turned up, one of these lasses who turned up goes "i know you" and i said "what" she was like she knows me from somewhere, i said ahh yeah i remember, we used to get the same bus, never spoken to her before.


We were all talknig, bit boring convo to be honest, then me and me m8s decided we werent gonna egt * * * * so we said we're hitting the dancefloor.


I thought i might as well ask the lass who said she knew me for ehr number, she gave it to me, twice in my phone.


however i woke up today an aquaintance of mine has her as a friend on faceboook, she is with some guy on her facebook pictures (set to private) they arent hugging, just kind of posing for a picture, and im not adding her like some kind of stalker.


So you guys think she would give me her numebr if she had a bf?

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Did she tell you she has a bf? Facebook pictures mean * * * * . Girls and guys are posing on each other all the time so they can put their damn pictures up for everyone to see how hot they are.


Just call her and ask her out. She'll tell you (or lie to you) if she has a boyfriend.

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Call the number and find out. If a guy answers...


...then ask, "hey, is your girlfriend there? I wanted to ask her out."


i was planning to text her, i mean if i call she may be busy or with family or something. Or would texting seem * * * * * ? if she says no via text i couldn;t care, but if she said no or she has a boyfriend by phone id feel like a chump.


Why? I've vowed not to ask out via text anymore since I've been rejected every time with it. I'd feel like more of a chump if she said she has a boyfriend over text, because she gets to break it to me whenever and however she wants. Over phone, she's gotta say right there, "I have a boyfriend." Most girls are so weak and non-confrontational that they even have trouble telling a guy that they have a boyfriend. If she's gonna reject you, you might as well make it as hard as possible for her to do it.

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