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"I miss you" to another person?

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Me and my girlfriend have a mutual friend who has been there for us, who has mediated when we have been having trouble, and who has been a great support. We all post of the same support site.


When I saw my girl last, she was saying she had been speaking to this woman, and telling me how our friend was on the verge of getting involved with another person from the site we all post on, but the other person already has a girlfriend. I said that was pretty crappy to start something whilst involved with someone else, and my girlfriend's reply was "Well, maybe she just hasn't found a way out of her other relationship yet, and this is her out".


Well, anyway, I couldn't get this out my head. I noticed the last weekend we spent together, she never let her phone out her sight, even took it to the bathroom with her? My insecurities started to show through, but she told me I was being unfair, that there was no one but me...


Anyway, we've not had much contact today, and this evening she wanted to know what I meant by my status update on facebook because it sounded like I was having relations with someone on Sunday morn (which is pretty ridiculous, I just said I was having a relaxing morning upside down, I was being random)... Obviously I clarified, but her response was:


"It sounds like you've been having a whole bunch of fun this weekend and being outrageous, and it's nothing to do with me!!"


I replied that I was confused, that my weekend was rather sedate, and I had been missing her...


Anyway, I logged onto the site where we both post, and she had made some shouts to our mutual friend. One of them was "I miss you", and "Do you want to chat on MSN?"... These made my headspin... I know she's close to our friend (yes, we're all Bi) and in the past has looked up to her. I feel like something is amiss, but I've felt like this all day, wondering if she's seeing someone else... I've obsessed about it being three people already, and I don't know if I've just managed to dig something up to confirm my fears?


I just want to know, am I just being insecure? Do I have any right to feel slighted and upset...? Is she just feeling down? If so, why didn't she call me instead of accusing me of being with someone else on Sunday??

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Wow...okay. I would probably feel the same as you do in this situation, in fact I did feel this way. The truth of the matter is, you really don't have any conceit evidence that would support your position. It is going to seem like every thing that she does leads back to the thought of the two of them. If your relationship with your gf has a solid foundation...you will push your insecurities to the side and try to give her the benefit of the doubt until you get something that will be strong enough to support you. Trust me me people are sneaking around...one of them are going to slip up. Until then...lay some chill and go with the flow. Don't let your guards down too much. Good Luck!

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