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break up and now disrespect


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me and my boyfriend of 2+ years broke up "officially" (since we had been on and off again for the last few months of our relationship) in June.


i had to move into his house in May because school ended and i had to stay in the neighborhood and had no other place to go. it was made clear that as long as i cleaned up after myself, did some basic chores around the house, and go food shopping every once in a while, there would be no issue with me staying over. i do all of this.


i was guaranteed after the break up (we were still friends) that they wouldn't kick me out on the street for nothing.


well now it's been almost 2 months since the break up and his mother is totally disrepecting me as a person and not only is he not doing anything about it, but he's doing things that i find disrespectful (and he never did them before) but he's getting all defensive when i point them out. his entire personality took a 180 in the wrong direction and it's really pissing me off.


im stuck there until August 23 and i just need some... i don't know, advice or something to keep me going before i go insane.


thanks, and happy summer to everyone.

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First, you are in his house, so you have to chill about the 'disrespect' thing, or else find somewhere else to go.


It is usually brutal after a breakup, so staying at his house at all is pretty unusual and decent of him. But there are usually lots of hard feelings after a breakup, so those will come to the surface if you are still living together.


So recognize that you have a roof over your head (and be grateful for that), and you need to try to do everything you can to get along with them and de-escalate tense situations until you move out. So you need to chill, or find somewhere else to live if the breakup is creating a situation in the house you can't tolerate.

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