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baby talk then confusion


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  • 4 weeks later...

so i stopped responding to the crumbs and got busy with my life , planning things etc, and basically kind of moved on.


He sent me a msg when he got back from vacation, i replied about 2 weeks later and he sent me a reply.


yesterday he rang ,talked for a while and told him that i need to go because i was going out, then he asked if i would like to go for a drink.

Told him that im busy for the next few weeks so maybe after that.


Boy , men are confusing...

Why on Earth all this contact and wanting to meet someone who you 'broke up' with?

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  • 1 month later...

another update..


so he rang exactly 2 weeks after that , i was in a great mood just back from vacation and had been on dates with other guys so had a fun chat on the phone, he wanted to meet for a drink, i said i was busy so we agreed on the following week.I was going out so we ended the conversation.


So he rang and wanted to meet on the saturday night,told him i was busy so i said sunday would be ok.



Sunday (3 months since we last saw each other)he came to collect me and came in the door and said ' i am back home.


We gave each other a hug and went for a drink and had lots of fun ,

then i said i needed to go so he dropped me off and i blew him a kiss.


He called me a few days after and left a msg and i called back and left a msg.



Thoughts? taking it easy casually again slowly or just 'friends'??!

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